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Technical data

Xin Hui for your work on membrane switch

Thin film switch, button switch, faceplate panel set: text, tags, a transparent window and LEDindicating lamp display in one, and the whole sealing structure with multilayer. Therefore, thin film switch has the characteristics of wear resistance, waterproof, dustproof, harmful gas prevention, long service life and stable performance etc.. In order to complete clean. The panelcan be scrubbed, without injury characters, color is rich, the new is good, easy to install. Not only that, thin film switch panel applications, membrane switch can fully reflect the productfunction and color originality your conception, in order to improve the appearance quality of the product and enhances the flavor of the times.

Three-dimensional film switch: usually, membrane switch button on the use of color to expressonly the position, shape and size of the key body. So, only by the operator to identify theaccuracy of visual operation, because the information shows that the finger is in the valid rangeof switch to switch without proper feedback, thereby affecting the confidence and the operationon the control of speed. A key body slightly raised, slightly higher than the panel to form a film switch stereoscopic shape, called stereo key switch. Stereo bond can not only accurately given the key body, improve the recognition speed, so that the operator of the touch sensitive, but also improve the product appearance decoration effect. To make stereo bond, must be made in the design stage panel, preparing a process hole, so that the positioning precision in mouldpressing. Two times the height generally should not be the three-dimensional raised more thansubstrate thickness. Types of materials

Thin film switch, panel material, in addition to the requirements of a smoothness and printing adaptability, more important is to be flexible and high elasticity.

Thin film switch PVC PVC\60 ℃ \0.175~0.5/ smooth, normal temperature acid, alkali and saltstability. Good abrasion resistance, flame resistance Zixi, silencing and shock, good insulation.Poor thermal stability. Cheap and common sign, panel

Polycarbonate PC\-60~120 ℃ \0.175~1.0\ smooth high transmittance, low water absorption,good dimensional stability, bending, tensile and compressive strength is superior, heat resistance, cold resistance, electrical insulation and corrosion resistance properties. Drug resistance is poor, fatigue resistance is poor, prone to stress cracking. The general applicability of the most extensive, can satisfy most of the thin film switch panel requirements, including hightransparent smooth rate of PC can meet the requirements with liquid crystal display window.

The sand surface of polyester (PET) \-30~120 ℃ \0.1~0.2 surface resistance is good, not soluble in common organic solvents, not alkali resistant. With excellent mechanical properties,electrical properties, rigidity, hardness and toughness of thermoplastic plastic, low water absorption, abrasion resistance, friction resistance, high dimensional stability. Tensile strength can be comparable with the aluminum film, much higher than that of PC and PVC. Due to lowsurface processing into a matte type, the texture PET more expensive is the ideal material to make membrane switch circuit. The texture PET for a liquid crystal display window products of higher on the surface or.

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