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Technical data

Membrane switch circuit resistance value causes too large

Membrane switch circuit resistance is mainly has the following several reasons too large:

(1) before printing paste without stirring.

(2) after the printing line baking time is not enough, the low temperature.

(3) the screen mesh is meticulous.

(4) silver paste printing line is too thin.

(5) the silver paste is too thin, diluent added too much, make the silver containing small amount of or using a special non silver paste.

(6) line graphic design is not reasonable.

(7) the quality of silver paste and other raw materials is not good.

According to the above reasons, we can take the following methods to eliminate:

(1) to ensure the full mixing silver paste printing, adding silver paste must also be fully mixing.

(2) control of baking time and temperature.

(3) the replacement of mesh coarse screen, making qualified screen.

(4) change the plate, can consider to use thick version.

(5) check the silver slurry concentration, attention to the control of the diluent, and guaranteeand supporting the use of silver paste.

(6) check the line design is reasonable, and the necessary improvements to the design of theline.

(7) the replacement of quality to meet the requirements of the silver paste and other rawmaterials.

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