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Technical data

Xin Hui technology is a professional manufacturer of thin film switch

Shenzhen City Xin Hui Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Zi Long Tian community Pingshanpit of Shenzhen City, the main products: membrane switch, film button panel, film, matte PET, UV window fluid, texture film PET, is a collection research and development, production and sales offilm and film switch panel in one of the professional manufacturers the company has a thin film panel, advanced production technology, the core material technology, R & D is committed to the development of electronic components, and have gained great achievement.

The company has always been to "scientific management, advanced technology" as the development direction, Xin Hui to thin film switch for many years production experience inelectronic components and properties have new breakthrough, has rapidly developed intoelectronic products, industrial electrical and mechanical equipment and other industries the excellent supplier, and has a very good reputation in the old and new customers. Selection ofXinhui membrane switch, help customers solve various installation problems, let the customer noworries.

Copyright: Shenzhen City Xin Hui Technology Co., Ltd. the main products: membrane switch, film button, membrane panel

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