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Technical data

Technical inspection film switch

Membrane switch is composed of a certain elastic insulating materials (PET) and a conductive layer (silver paste, powder) a multilayer structure plane type consisting of a non self-lockingbutton switch. It includes a conductive pattern (switch contacts) isolation layer element elastic insulating film and maintain a certain travel, can be composed of one or more switch contacts.For membrane switch product should from what respect to test whether or not qualified?

Shape: the shape, the conductor lines, insulation treatment, liner combination shall conform to the drawing or sample.

Material: substrate, silver paste, carbon ink, spacer, adhesive, glue, a reinforcing plate,insulation printing shall conform to the drawing.


Combination of state: surface shall not have residual debris, foreign bodies, stain, bump andattached to the surface and the inside of the oil, line fingerprint, punching shape of burr.

Foreign body: line must not have any foreign matter attached to it.

Scar: all lines and contact may have cut through the table (namely cut by the line cutting to the substrate). Minor scratch also does not affect the impedance principle. The carbon ink surfaceeasily scratched, the scratch does not affect the circuit is conducted as the criterion.

Line conductor

Conductor: conductor thickness general thickness control in 7-12 μ m, and should be uniform, smooth

The conductor defect and pinhole: decision according to the following graphic standard, allows a50mm in each range.

Fault and short circuit: do not allow any fault, the phenomenon of short circuit conductor.

Carbon ink: the carbon ink coverage on the silver line, should ensure that the silver pastecoverage, the thickness of 8-10 μ m, must not have extremely silver paste protruding obvious

Insulation printing

All membrane switch contact shall not have any insulating ink attachment.

Insulating oil residual should be smooth, avoid any air bubbles or the flaw which affects the insulation effect.

Adhesion strength: insulation ink post drying, residual oil are attached by weight after 24 hours,the need to ensure that the insulation is not sticking to each other. Pressure sensitive adhesive tape attached hand no bubble 1 minutes, quickly stripped, nor have the ink off.

Jumper: all jumpers were requested by the line conductor, and all jumpers are after 100% open,short circuit test and insulation resistance test. Make sure there are no open, short circuit andinsulation resistance should be greater than 500M (500VDC1 minutes).

Mechanical properties

On line offset: upper and lower line switch contact center position of each offset tolerance with 0.5mm.

Stamping burr and die extrusion and extrusion bending bending size: the size of stamping burr,should not be more than 0.2mm, and the position should be directed toward the side of noconductor.

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