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Thin film switch to do before printing

Membrane switch is a fitting is widely used in electronic products. Thin film switch belongs to thecontact switch, switch contact circuit is generally prepared by printing conductive paste on the flexible polycarbonate or polyester film, the film can be divided into touch switch, touch switch,touch key, electronic panel. Structure of membrane switch is relatively simple, it is the decorative panel, upper and lower electrode film, the isolation layer is covered together, the entire surface is a plane, the whole is flat and thin body shape, screen printing film switch mainly consists of two parts: panel printing and line printing, to ensure the quality of panel printing, should pay attention to the following several aspects of the problem.

Pre prepared according to the production practice, the thin film switch panel screen printingprepress preparation has great influence on production efficiency and the quality of printing products, if before printing preparation work is not done well, will increase the number ofincidence and defective waste production failure, should be attention. In general, prepresspreparation work mainly in the following aspects:

(1) to clean up the surrounding environment and health, noted that the workshop temperature and humidity, air conditioner and dehumidification equipment conditions. These are related to the panel surface clean and accuracy.

(2) to fully understand the characteristics of substrate, printing materials, understand the panelsize, shape etc..

(3) according to the characteristics of substrate to choose the right blade.

(4) inspection of printed materials and products are in error, check printing material surface treatment, eliminate electrostatic whether meet the requirements.

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