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Technical data

Understanding and application of membrane switch industry

Membrane switch:

The whole seal structure of membrane switch, using planar multilayer film together, will be a key switch, panel, mark, symbol display and panel sealing together set light, machines, electricity,the integration of the rise of eighty years of the twentieth Century, a new type of electronic components, can the task executing operating system more reliable. It has a good waterproof,dustproof, anti oil, anti erosion characteristics and advantages of harmful gas performance is stable and reliable, light weight, small volume, long service life, the panel can be washed,without injury characters, rich colors, beautiful appearance.

Field of application

Instrumentation, measuring instruments, analytical instruments, navigation instruments, medicalinstruments

Mechanical and electrical products: CNC machine tools, electronic balance, robot, printing machinery

Computer, keyboard, monitor, printer, plotter

Household appliances, remote control, electronic locks, washing machine, microwave oven,electric rice cooker, audio and video equipment etc.

Office system: telephone, fax machines, photocopiers, counter

Electronic toys, electronic organ, game machine, electronic target

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