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Membrane switch printing circuit design can not be ignored

In many applications, especially in consumer products, price sensitive, flat (or quasi flat) switchand a keypad / keyboard has replaced the traditional mechanical switch. The technologycomprises the resistance of the thin film switch panel, piezoelectric switch panel and capacitivesensing based on touch panel. In this paper, the typical structure of the technical scheme and the advantages and disadvantages are briefly introduced, and then the new charge the recenttransfer sense technology analysis. The technology can solve the inherent in many othertechnical problems, and consumer applications the cost of mass production is attractive.

Screen printing is widely used in the field of electronic engineering and information technology,expand the electronics silk screen printing of new screen printing market. The scope of application of electronic screen printing technology, such as ordinary circuit board printing,integrated circuit board printing, membrane switch printing etc.. Due to the application ofmembrane switch in the electronic products and other related products is very wide, therefore, ithas become one of the main contents of the electronic screen printing. In view of membrane switch printing and printed circuit board is different, the printing quality requirements are relatively high, to ensure the quality of products, from material selection circuit design, and master the printing technology and other aspects of pay close attention.

Membrane switch circuit board printing are relatively high quality requirements, so is the switch circuit, not only requires the line printing precision is high, and the resistance of a strict requirements, such as some of the products also requires as much as possible to the smallresistance value. To do this, in addition to the quality and silver paste and other related production process, circuit design is the most key link. According to the production practice, and the size of the line resistance of the length and width of the close relationship, accordingly, online pre press design, should according to the customer demand, to avoid the line is too long,the switch circuit individual lead long can be designed with wide ', in order to reduce and controlline resistance. But if the customer to product resistance value is not high, in ensuring product quality (i.e., not at open circuit fault) under the premise, in order to reduce production cost ofthe line, the line can be properly designed to narrow. In addition, in order to make the productappearance is compact, when design the pitch wire part of the reduced properly.

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