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What are the steps of membrane switch test?

What are the steps of membrane switch test?

1, material check: panel, substrate, silver paste, carbon ink, spacer, adhesive, glue, a reinforcing plate, insulation printing shall conform to the drawing.

2, compare the shape: the shape, conductor lines, insulation treatment, liner combination shall conform to the drawing or sample.

3, check the size: drawings unnoted tolerance range to meet the standards, and conform to the drawing.

4, check the appearance panel can not have obvious defects, such as lack of character strokes;stain, light point; deinking, stains, scratches; transparent window overflow glue, glue etc..Unbiased bits phenomenon, such as printing process, thread keys and key combinations, line,face and the key combination, panel buttons bubbling and substrate. And squeeze the bendingsize stamping burr, should not be more than 0.2mm, and the position should be directed toward the side of no conductor.

5, check the color: the visual method with samples or color contrast is a color difference, color is very strict with the chromatic contrast.

6, the ink adhesion check: ink through the transparent adhesive tape attached hand pressure to ensure that no air bubbles after 10 seconds quickly stripped, there shall be no ink dropphenomenon. Insulating ink post drying, residual oil are attached by weight after 24 hours, the need to ensure that the insulating surface not sticking to each other. Pressure sensitive adhesive tape attached hand no bubble 1 minutes, quickly stripped, not the ink off.

Detection of 7, peel strength, peel strength, should not be less than 8N/25mm.

8, bubble detection: equal height, intensity balance. Flat type: 57 ~ 284g force, touch force:170~397g.

9, detection of folding strength: after silver paste, drying treatment carbon ink lines, should firstdetermine the loop resistance, and then to the line to do a 180 degree folding, with fingerpressure 2kg/2 seconds, and then restore the plane, back and forth 5 back, and thenmeasuring the resistance. Because of its resistance to fold increase 5, less than in the originalresistance 300%.

10, the hardness testing: H drawing pen, 45 degrees to the line by applying the 1kg thrust lineshall not be conductive ink or light stripping.

11, life test: no shrapnel each key contact conduction times, should be in 1000000 times.Shrapnel and tactile type conduction times, should be in 500000 times.

12, the loop resistance detection: the resistance value should be less than 100 Ω, for a total length of more than 150cm and the special requirements of the loop loop resistance in drawings of other provisions. Has any fault, short circuit phenomenon is not allowed

13, insulation resistance detection: in normal temperature and humidity environment, insulation resistance conductor lines than 500M Ω (500VDC1 minutes). In the high temperature and humidity test, salt spray test should not be less than 20M

14, the high temperature test: membrane switch to 55 ± 2 ℃, high temperature lasted 72 hours,the appearance quality inspection shall conform to the drawing. The resumption of the 2 hours in normal atmospheric conditions, measure the insulation resistance value should be in conformity with the provisions.

15, low temperature test: membrane switch to -10 ± 3  low temperature effect lasted 16 hours and 2 hours after the recovery under normal atmospheric conditions, erase surface waterresistance value should be consistent with the provisions.

16, salt spray test: membrane switch subjected to sodium chloride salt solution 5%, the test space temperature 35 ± 2 ℃, (plug seal) lasted 72 hours salt fog test, recovery 2 hours under normal atmospheric conditions, insulation resistance should be in accordance with the provisions.

17, constant damp heat test: membrane switch to 40 ± 2 ℃, relative humidity 93 (+2% – 3%),constant damp heat test lasted 96 hours and 2 hours after the recovery under normalatmospheric conditions, measure the insulation resistance, contact resistance, the key should be in conformity with the provisions.

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