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Company introduction

   Shenzhen Xinhui Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in October 2010, and was renamed by Xiamen Xinhui Electronics Co., Ltd. founded in October 1998. The total production area has reached more than 3800 square meters, and has passed the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification of SGS Company. Our company is engaged in membrane switch, membrane panel, membrane circuit, membrane button, EL backlight, EL luminous film, EL luminous marking, EL luminous mask, EL luminous mask, EL luminous tie, EL luminous clothing, and other related products for 15 years. Through continuous technological innovation and production practice, we have accumulated rich research and development, production experience, and refined it. A professional high tech team.

   Our company constantly improves and updates the production equipment. Now the company has four roll-to-roll automatic UV screen printers and three semi-automatic printers, three fully automatic die-cutting production lines, five oil drum machines and five stamping machines, which greatly improve the production efficiency. They are 5-10 times faster than semi-automatic and manual printing and stamping speed. They are very suitable for large quantities. The quantity is fast and the quality is stable and reliable. And undertake external coil or film screen printing process, welcome new and old customers to visit us.
Introduction of various types of membrane switch keyboard

Conventional membrane switch (silver paste)
   Silver paste flexible membrane switch is a typical form of membrane switch. This type of membrane switch is called flexible because the mask layer, isolation layer and circuit layer of the film switch are made up of various soft films.
In the circuit layer of flexible membrane switch, polyester film (PET) with good electrical performance is used as the carrier of switch circuit graphics, and this layer is also divided into handle shrapnel and upper and lower circuits. Due to the influence of the properties of polyester film, the membrane switch has good insulation, heat resistance, flexibility and high resilience. Graphics of switching circuits, including on-line switching and its lead-out wires, are printed with conductive coatings cured at low resistance and low temperature. Therefore, the composition of the whole membrane switch has a certain degree of flexibility, which is not only suitable for the use of planar body, but also can cooperate with the surface body. Flexible membrane switch leads are integrated with the switch body itself. When making group switches on-line, they are assembled at one part of the membrane and extended outward according to the designated position and standard line spacing designed. As a flexible, arbitrarily bent and sealed lead, they are connected with the rear circuit of the whole machine.

FPC film button
   The FPC membrane switch refers to the pattern and circuit of the switch which is made on the common printed flexible copper clad laminate.
FPC membrane switch is characterized by easy access to materials, stable process, low resistance, and can be directly welded on the back of some components of the circuit. FPC film switches usually use metal guides as the labyrinth contacts, so they feel better.
Advantages: Minimum line spacing can achieve 0.5MM, very low resistance, can weld small components such as LED, resistor, optical fiber, etc., performance is always reliable and long life, failure rate is 99.8%, non-ordinary silver paste flexible film switch can be comparable.
Disadvantages: FPC is relatively expensive, and it is priced according to the longest and widest area typesetting. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the length and irregular shape of lead as far as possible in design, so as to avoid unnecessary waste and increase unnecessary cost.
Suggestion: users need to assemble LED, resistor, optical fiber and ultra precision components to choose FPC type membrane key.

PCB membrane switch keyboard
  Hard film switch refers to the pattern and circuit of switch is made on the common printed circuit copper clad laminate.
PCB membrane switch keyboard is characterized by easy access to materials, stable process, low resistance, and can directly weld some components of the circuit on its back. In the case of small area, the hard liner can be saved. Hard film switch keyboard usually adopts metal guide as maze contact, so it has better handle. The disadvantage is that it is less convenient to install keyboards in the whole machine than the flexible membrane switch. It often needs to weld connectors and lead wires through flat cables. In addition to buzzing signal and LED indication, metal hand-felt shrapnel can be widely used for information feedback of hard-film switch keyboard.

Touch sensitive membrane switch key
   The keys on the membrane switch represent the position, shape and size of the key body in different colors. It is common in the initial stage of the membrane switch. Nowadays, it is more popular to use ITO film as touch circuit. The bottom can be permeated with light source, and the human body is used as conductor. The capacitance induction touch switch is formed by touching induction lightly.

  Raised membrane switch key
  Usually, the buttons on the membrane switch just use color to express the position, shape and size of the key. In this way, the accuracy of the operation can only be recognized by the operator's vision, because there is no appropriate feedback to indicate whether the finger is in the effective range of the switch to make the switch move.
Therefore, the confidence and operation speed of the whole machine are affected. One kind of membrane switch, which makes the switch key body slightly raised and slightly higher than the panel, constitutes a three-dimensional shape, is called a three-dimensional key switch. Stereo keys can not only accurately determine the range of keys, improve the recognition speed, make operators more sensitive to touch, but also enhance the decorative effect of the product appearance. Stereo keys must be made in the design stage of the panel, with process holes, in order to accurately locate and erect the die when pressing. The height of the raised body should not exceed two times the thickness of the substrate. In order to improve the appearance of the product, the bulge of the bulge membrane switch can be made in many different ways. In the design stage of the panel, the arrangement must be made, and the process holes must be provided so that the precise positioning can be achieved when the die is pressed. The height of the bulge should not exceed twice the thickness of the base material. For the appearance of the beautiful product, the bulge of the convex membrane switch can be varied.
technical parameter
Electrical properties
1. Working Voltage: <50VDC

2, Working Current: <100mA

3, Contact Resistance: 0.5~10

4, Insulation Resistance: <100M(100VDC)

5, Substrate Voltage Resistance: 2kDVC

 6, Rebound Time: <6ms

 7, Circuit Resistance: 50, 150, 350, or User Need to Determine

 8, Insulation Ink Voltage Resistance: 100 VDC

Mechanical properties
1. Reliability service life: > 1 million times

 2. Closed displacement: 0.1-0.4 mm (non-tactile type), 0.4-1.0 mm

 3. Standard work force: 15-750 G force

 4. Silver paste migration: 55 C, 90% temperature. After 56 hours, the second line is 10M/50VDC

5, silver paste line is non-oxidized, no impurities

 6, silver paste line width is more than 0.3 mm, the smallest one. At 0.3mm interval, the gross edge of the line is less than 1/3, the line gap is less than 1/4 line width

 7, the pin spacing standard is 2.542.501.271.25mm 8, and the anti-curvature of the lead-out line is 2.542.501.25mm

Environmental performance
1. Working temperature: -20 ~70

2, storage temperature: -40 ~85 ~95%+5%

 3, atmospheric pressure: 86~106 KPa
Printing index
1. Printing size deviation (+0.10mm), outline error (+0.1mm

2), color set deviation (+0.11mm/100mm), insulating ink covering all silver paste lines

 3, no ink dispersion, no handwriting defect

 4, color difference no more than level 2

5, no creases, no paint stripping

6, transparent window clean, uniform color, no scratches, needles.

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