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Company introduction


Shenzhen City Xin Hui Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010 October, changed its name from "Xiamen Xin Hui Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 October," the relocation of enterprises. Production reached a total area of 3800 square meters, has passed the ISO9002:2008 quality management system SGS certification. Our company is engaged in thethin film switch, film panel, thin lines and other related products for fifteen years, through continuous technological innovation and production practice, and accumulated rich research and development, production experience, built up a professional team with high technology level.

Our independent research patent product "frosted PET", has been officially put into operationthe listed. And through the SGS certification of environmental protection, performance and appearance can be comparable to the British company production of F150, F200.

Our company continuously improve, update production equipment, add a new automatic roll to roll UV and heat drying screen printing production lines, a fully automatic die cutting production line, greatly enhance the production efficiency, five faster than -10 times the semi automatic and manual printing and punching speed, very suitable for mass production, quality stable and reliable. And external to undertake coiling or film screen printing processing, welcomed the new and old customers to visit us.

Main products: Shenzhen membrane switch, film switch, color film switch, PCB switch, FPC switch, LED switch, waterproof membrane switch, solid membrane switch membrane switch,computer sewing machine, computer cutting machine membrane switch, film button computer flat knitting machine, printing membrane keyboard, printer film button computer keyboard, printer,embroidery machine film button, fully automatic operation mode of membrane switch, multi-function sewing machine film panel, computer high-speed sewing machine sewing machinemembrane switch, film switch, computer decoration panel, sets of node machine / synchronizedmachine / computer key board knot machine, filling machine metal keyboard, refueling organic thin film switch, ATM metal keyboard, ATM metal buttons. Inverter membrane switch, eyelet Buttonholer computer thin film switch, film panel, Beijing / Nanjing / Suzhou / Kunshan /Hangzhou / Fuzhou / Zhangzhou / Xiamen membrane switch membrane switch, Dongguan,Guangzhou, Zhuhai membrane switch, film switch, Foshan membrane switch, ZhongshanShantou membrane switch, film circuit, Shantou toy circuit, early film lines the film circuit,Chenghai, Chenghai toy circuit, Cheng Hairuan line, Chenghai learning machine film lines.Computer keyboard film circuit, computer keyboard membrane switch, computer keyboard film circuit, point reading machine film circuit, electronic sound, calculator, calendar posters line lineline, telephone line, line, electronic sound toy line, electronic gift line, capacitor film circuit,keyboard circuit thin, portable electronic organ lines, toys drum line, electronic drum film toy line,soft line, a thin film circuit, flexible circuit, flexible PCB, PCB film, carbon film circuit, zebra, heat conducting film, geothermal film, more warm film, the thin film heating piece, point reading machine line, early film circuit, IPAD toy line, ultrathin circuit board, film circuit, PET circuit board,silver line, carbon paste circuit, touch screen, LED light guide plate, EL backlight, household appliance, development and application of single chip microcomputer PET, matte texture, film,F150, F200, F130, PET in fine sand, matte PET, PVC/PC/PET tag, label, roll printing process,automatic screen printing process.

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